GPlus Furniture

GPlus Arreda is the graphic design software for the simple, fast, complete and professional furniture retailer at the service of the furniture retailer to support it in the design and sale of its furniture solutions. GPlus Arreda provides the most technologically advanced features and tools to create high-quality graphics environments and thus allow the customer to imagine their completely finished and furnished home. Finally, a rich graphic archive of furniture and accessories allows you to add decorative elements – such as plants, curtains, paintings, appliances and kitchen utensils – that can significantly transform the appearance and emotional strength of the project.

All 3D compositions made with GPlus Arreda furniture reseller software can eventually be reworked by the program’s powerful rendering engine from the default lighting and material settings.

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The extensive graphic archive is a vast library of more than 20,000 parametric furniture, elements and accessories to allow the user from the beginning, through the use of a tree menu, to furnish any type of room (kitchen, living room, room, etc. ). In combination with the 3D graphical configurator, all data can be modified based on individual needs and saved in libraries.


It allows you to design the environment, drawing the architectural plants (individual rooms in plan, with windows, doors and structural constraints, etc.) where then place furniture and furnishing accessories. The design of the environments is for a quick visualization of the footprints in 3D. Ceilings, doors and windows can be inserted with different shapes and sizes. All architectural elements are designed parametricly and can be modified at any time.


It allows you to draw and design all those special, non-parametric, furniture that needs to be produced or represented only once for specific needs and that can be used – also in addition to the components and furniture provided with the archive Extended chart – for the dĂ©cor of your own environment.


Using this module, you can export the composition to the standard DXF format. The DXF composition can then be read and reworked using other graphics programs, such as AutoCAD®. The composition is then saved complete with furniture, walls, dimensions and texts.


It allows the user to easily design the furniture of any type of environment, single or multiple. Thanks to a set of automations, hook points and coordinates, it is also possible to insert and position, and in an extremely immediate way, the furniture and furniture elements defaulted in the libraries also managing the graphic adaptation of the oversized furniture. The designed environment can be represented in plan, elevation, and sonomemetric or perspective view.


It allows the operator to generate the quote for the customer in its various forms (user-configurable parametric printing), with the list of items that make up the drawn graphic composition and the prices associated with them.


It allows you to obtain semi-automatic – starting from a set of pre-set lights and depending on the choice of materials and colors – a realistic representation and photo prints of the designed furniture solution. All finishes applied to materials are reproduced authentically.